A friend to guide you home.

Real Estate can be confusing.

You’ll be asking important questions, so you need someone who wants to listen.
You’ll need some help, so you need a person who likes to roll up their sleeves and work hard.
When you don’t feel sure, we have advice.

It’s not just a purchase, it’s a life transition.

Time for a refreshing, relational Real Estate Experience?

You need your Hometown Advocate

Someone who knows what to look for and is welcoming you into a rich community life. We know where the road gets bumpy, and have a heart for making this huge life transition more exciting while keeping it from turning into a headache.

Our Listings | Homes in Transition

Houses need to move from one person to another, for whatever reason, and we put a lot of emphasis on making that a smooth transition. We have experience helping owners market and buyers acquire a variety of property types from primary residences and second homes to sunday houses, homesteads, and bed & breakfasts.

Want to see what we’ve done in the past? View a selection of properties in our Sold Portfolio. ​

Otherwise, if you’re ready for some local advice,

It’s time to feel excited about your transition!

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1. A person who embodies and represents the place in which they love to reside


2. A person living in the local vicinity with deep knowledge of the area (see “knows the ropes”)

3. A contact within a local populace.


Of or relating to the welcoming attributes of a hometowner 
“I got a hometowner hug as a greeting.”